Women demand freedom, water and toilets

By Vasanthi Hariprakash
Three women, three regions of the same State; each with a battle of her own to fight everyday.
Pickle Jar, a small but independent-spirited platform that creates and curates programs of social relevance, travelled across 9 districts of Karnataka to check the pulse of the state as it goes to polls, to hear out voices unheard this far.
In central Karnataka, a woman whose daughter has suffered an abusive marriage struggles to have her voice heard by her own community and Jamaat.
In rocky Chitradurga district where water levels get dangerously low, taps press out water rarely and when they do, the quality of water often makes people fall sick . Whose political agenda is it to provide safe water for people?
The Swachch Bharat Abhiyan has swept across the country with an allocation of Rs. 15,343 crore for Rural Sanitation in 2018. But how much of all that has fulfilled the simple wish for a toilet of a farm labourer called Ambika in a village in Gulbarga?

Vasanthi on the Karnataka Poll Express



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