India’s ‘female kingmakers’

This article (6 April 2014), attributed to AFP, on India Times, about Jayalalitha, Mamata Banerjee and Mayawati, is largely dismissive of the three politicians. It opens with exaggeratedly distorted (graphic) caricatures of the women. The headline – ‘Lok Sabha Elections 2014: Amma, Didi, Behenji: India’s Female Kingmakers’ – defines the women politicians (as do so many other media stories) in terms of familial identifies and not as individuals. The article says the women are known more for their “charisma than their policies” – not only is this not true (or is as true of them as it is of male politicians), it also belittles the profile of the women as seasoned politicians. The rest of the article though does contain some degree of analysis of their politics.

Sharmila Joshi


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